Jan Kath’s SLOWMAKING exhibit coming online during DesignTO

SLOWMAKING, an exhibition dedicated to the fine art of weaving hand-knotted carpets, debuts as part of the 9th annual DesignTO Festival, which transforms the city into a celebration of all things design. The free exhibition displays the process of creating a Jan Kath rug from design concept to completion, while paying homage to traditional Tibetan rug-making techniques with an onsite loom and live weaving of a work of art in progress. German rug designer Jan Kath is well known for creating some of the world’s most in-demand designs in hand-knotted carpets.SLOWMAKING, Jan Kath, DesignTO

Recognized for his tendency to break with conventional style, Kath combines classic elements from oriental carpets with a contemporary, minimalist design approach. The exhibition is on display at the Jan Kath Toronto Showroom (190 McCaul Street) during evenings and weekends from Friday, January 18 to Sunday, January 27.SLOWMAKING, Jan Kath, DesignTO

A journey through the process of an ancient craft, SLOWMAKING invites visitors to feel the raw fibres used for weaving: natural, unprocessed Tibetan highland wools, raw silks, and organic nettle. The exhibition is a full sensory experience, also featuring an onsite loom and weaver contrasted against artistic images that depict the different stages of rug production.SLOWMAKING, Jan Kath, DesignTO

Each Jan Kath rug is conceived by the designer and hand-knotted in manufacturies in Nepal, India and Morocco, using one-of-a-kind natural materials and manual production methods, which gives each piece its own distinct character.

DesignTO festival promises to bring together art and design

Jan Kath’s carpets have won notable international awards, including the Red Dot and Carpet Design Awards, and are often exhibited in art and design museums. The new exhibition promises to provide rare insight into Kath’s contemporary application of a traditional practice.

More information about Jan Kath’s SLOWMAKING exhibition is available via the official DesignTO website, linked here.