Clayhaus Modern and Kristine Morich introduce Signal Tile collection

Signal Tile is a collection of dimensional geometric tile designed to capture your imagination. It begs to you to play with the tiles to design and assemble your own unique space. This collection is a collaboration between Clayhaus Modern Tile and Portland-based designer, Kristine Morich.Clayhaus Modern Tile, Kristine Morich, Signal TIle

The range of six individual tiles can be applied in continuous repeats or combined to create bespoke patterns. Signal is both modern and playful, falling right in line with all the beautiful product available through Clayhaus.Clayhaus Modern Tile, Kristine Morich, Signal TIle

Clayhaus Modern Tile is a labor of love founded by the husband and wife team Jason and Megan Coleman. As artisans, they develop products that inspire us. At their Portland, Oregon studio all of their products and glazes are handcrafted and made to order. Each individual tile is unique—crafted one at a time by their team of passionate artisans.Clayhaus Modern Tile, Kristine Morich, Signal TIle

Kristine Morich is a Portland-based multidisciplinary designer that specializes in product, lighting, and furniture design. While studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, Kristine fell in love with the materiality and process of ceramics. She was hooked after the first kiln she fired and established her own studio in 2008.Clayhaus Modern Tile, Kristine Morich, Signal TIle

Kristine is inspired by how pattern can enhance or alter a feeling of space within an interior. The combination of line, composition, and colour can help to create a sense of movement and space. This marriage of process, materials, and graphic design is very important for all of her products, which perfectly aligns with the Clayhaus philosophy.