Blanco introduces new ‘SILGRANIT Concrete Grey’ colour at IDS19

Blanco Canada is proud to announce the unveiling of its bold and interactive concept space designed specifically for the 2019 Interior Design Show (IDS) to launch its new SILGRANIT colour, Concrete Gray. The highly conceptual exhibit allowed attendees to learn about and experience this new colour in a fresh, explorative, and exciting way.

A rendering of the IDS installation
A rendering of the IDS installation

Blanco partnered with Arc & Co Design Collective to create a full brand experience between two exhibit spaces. The Concrete Gray installation shared the concept of a “graceful balance” between raw material and engineered refinement. Impactful in its presence, the space will feature weighty, monolithic concrete boulders, cradled in clear acrylic and thin metal rods – instilling a sense of wonder and transcending the common understanding of gravity’s force over weight.SILGRANIT

The structure is strong and durable, reflective of the longevity, and tenacity of the Blanco brand. It is designed to fully evoke Concrete Gray not only as a colour, but also as an impressive granite composite material.SILGRANIT

“In its essence, Blanco is a brand filled with graceful balance between its dualities. It is refined, but natural. It is strong, but gentle. The concept space we have designed embodies this very idea. From its cantilevered form, to the juxtaposing textures and materials, this space truly epitomizes Blanco and SILGRANIT as an experience,” says Robert Joel Cortez, Creative Director / Partner at Arc & Co.SILGRANIT

For three generations, Blanco has quietly and passionately elevated the standards for luxury sinks, faucets and accessories. Founded by Heinrich Blanc and family-owned since 1925, Blanco’s humble beginnings originated in Oberderdingen, Germany – which is also the current location of Blanco’s global headquarters. Proud of its European heritage and award-winning German engineering, Blanco is truly committed to high quality, innovative design and unsurpassed service.

More information about Blanco Canada is available via the company’s official website, linked here.