Loehr introduces flexible ENO workplace table system

With the ENO table, Loehr responds to the demands of the digital workplace. With a format of 140x240cm, ENO is designed as a hybrid solution for creative and office workstations as well as a conference table. Loehr conceives the table as a communication surface that reflects today’s working styles and needs.Loehr, ENO

Thinking of the autonomous digital nomad who can work almost anywhere, the office itself is increasingly becoming the space for exchange and communication. Desk sharing, the use of mobile devices and a lower paper consumption lead to reduced space requirements. Loehr defines the new optimal width of a workplace with 120cm and its depth with 60cm.Loehr, ENO

A single ENO can accommodate four to six people as a worktable or host up to ten people for a conference. The recessed base offers the greatest possible legroom, allowing for maximum mobility. Optionally, two openings with flush covers allow access for integrated cable management and data-links. Especially in smaller offices this allows a flexible and fast transformation from a workplace to a conference table.Loehr, ENO

Formally, ENO derives from the NEO table. An orthogonal steel frame supports the tabletop and emphasizes the spatial dimensions with a linear construction – a reference to the architectural concept of the de Stijl movement. In this development, tube diameters and line weights have been increased to meet the larger format and higher durability demands.

ENO can be infinitely extended in length: Individual units can be chain-linked, so that one legframe becomes the joint legframe of two adjacent tables; creating a connected unit without disturbing redundancies.Loehr, ENO

Its versatility and high-quality appearance make ENO a cultivated protagonist in different environments: as a working island for teams, a representative conference table in a conference room or a shared desk in a coworking space. The compact size of the ENO also allows it to be used in smaller spaces and economically meets the needs of multiple workplaces with a single unit.

The frame of ENO is powder-coated and available in four colours: signal white, light grey, grey-brown and jet black. The surface of the table top is preferably in colour-matchedLoehr, ENO

FENIX NTM, a laminate refined with nanotechnology. FENIX convinces with a soft, matt feel and high robustness: fingerprints on the surface disappear immediately, scratches can be easily ironed out, if necessary. The table surface is also available in oak veneer or coated with black linoleum.