Rossana Orlandi launches first edition of Ro Plastic Prize

Rossana Orlandi is launching the 1st edition of Ro Plastic Prize to challenge and inspire the design community to think differently about how our things are made. The best projects will be presented as finalists at Rossana Orlandi Gallery during the Fuorisalone of the 2019 Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. A jury of professionals and experts will select four winners among the finalists, one for each category, who will each receive a prize of 10.000€.Ro Plastic Prize

The Ro Plastic Prize aims to unite the design community in the challenge to move beyond plastic pollution as we know it today and to promote the next generation of design. Plastic was invented in the late 1800’s, finding use in technical applications, such as warfare, in the 1930’s. In the 1950s it became widespread in consumer products and packaging. Since it’s invention, over 8 billion metric tons have been globally produced and more than 50% has been discarded or incinerated. This number is constantly growing: over 322 million metric tons are produced each year, and 8 million metric tons end up in our oceans. This is threatening the health of the marine ecosystems and sea-life.

All plastic that is not properly disposed of is toxic in nature, not only at sea but on land. We need to embrace the power of design and acknowledge the impact it can have. Today plastic trash is the biggest resource available. While researchers are constantly developing biodegradable polymers, what can be done to lessen the burden of oil-based plastics on the ecosystems? The invention of this class of materials was revolutionary and still today polymers are essential in many industries and goods.

Re-using, recycling and reinventing are the challenges that this prize wishes to bring to the global design community. When transformed, plastic can become a resource with vast possibilities and potentials.

The Ro Plastic Prize is open to designers from all countries, backgrounds, curriculums and ages. For minors, consent from a legal guardian is required. More information is available via the official website, linked here.