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South Hill Home salutes Italian design

Furnishings retailer South Hill Home (SHH) threw a cocktail party to honor lighting designer Melissa Lunardi, co-founder of VeniceM, based in Veneto, Italy.

Text and photos by David Lasker

SHH sales associate Carla Pasta and guest of honour Melissa Lunardi.
Interior designer Jeffrey Douglas, owner, Douglas Design Studio (DDS); Laura Stein, principal and CEO, Laura Stein Interiors; Gordana di Monte, creative director, DDS; Colleen Shier, owner, Spruce Interiors; and interior designer Jennifer Glover of her eponymous firm, JG Interiors.
Julie Charbonneau of her self-named interior design firm with staff members Noah Shim, senior designer; Mary Assenza, marketing co-ordinator; and Gibran Duarte, designer.
Francesca Rea, network development specialist at luxury car maker Maserati, based in Modena, Italy; Sandra Corona Peca, property manager at Corona Properties; SHH co-owner Sandra DeLuca; and Frank Peca, Sandra’s spouse and owner, Corona Properties.
Studio Munge designers Stephanie Kruschen, Jacky Lac, Justin Shis, Riko Gunawan; Monika Macmillan, executive assistant; and Yuxing Zhang, designer.
SHH partners: Nella and Sandra DeLuca flank Paul Harper.
David Arduini, principal, Albert David Design; and Clare Nisker, principal at Clare Nisker Design.
David Powell, founder and partner at interior design firm Powell & Bonnell and his firm’s administrator, Marvin Lemus.
John Barnwell, principal at J.R. Barnwell Design; and Trudy Crock, principal of her eponymous interior design firm.