TSA at DSA’s Y

The Toronto Society of Architects Bash is held in a building that exemplifies design excellence in the city. The 2018 edition took place at Diamond Schmitt Architects’s Metro Toronto YMCA. A random sampling of partygoers turned up as many engineers as architects, which evoked the old saw that engineers know everything about nothing while architects know nothing about everything.

Text and photos by David Lasker

Hamid Vossoughi, senior façade engineering specialist, building sciences, at design and engineering giant WSP; Lida Arbabi, architect, Montgomery Sisam Architects; Arash Zolghadri, technical lead and principal structural consultant at WSP; and Peter Halsall, partner at engineering firm Purpose Building.
Bryan Schopf, project director, Maffeis Engineering and Consulting; and engineers Sean Reinsma, and Adam van Bruinessen of Blackwell Structural Engineering.
Nicole Crabtree, associate partner, +VG Architects; Michael Verity, partner, Boszko & Verity Construction; and Ting Wang, senior engineer, WorleyParsons.
Nazanin Salimi, project co-ordinator; Ladan Dana, intern architect; Sadaf Sabooni, BD manager, Maffeis; and Sepideh Nabaee, regional sales manager, Artemide.
Right, Nicola Casciato, design principal at WZMH; and Nathalie Casciato, left, sales rep at pet-food supplier Walker Sales & Marketing.
Chris Pommer, partner, Plant Architect; and Michael Taylor, partner at Taylor Smyth Architects with his husband, James O’Connor, VP partnerships at PR firm A&C.
Robert Holroyd, partner at building envelope and structural consultancy Engineering Link; graphic designer Lynn Holroyd; and Brian Dobbins, architectural solutions rep at building-products maker CGC.
Melanie Clarke, associate; and Robin Proctor, senior designer, B+H Architects.