FX Studio Design is Becoming Clairoux

After 13 years, the Montreal interior design firm FX Studio Design is changing its name to Clairoux, the name of its founder. Active in the creation and design of the urban living environment, the firm is taking advantage of the name change to unveil a new brand image department that combines our marketing, graphic design and interior design strategy.

“Smart interior design must be consistent, well thought-out and accessible to a wide segment of the population,” explains Frédric Clairoux, the firm’s founder and creator. “Everybody deserves to live in inspiring and harmonious spaces. Good living is gaining importance in our lives. A living space that reflects who you are and is in complete sync with your values allows you to recharge and face your many personal and professional challenges energetically.”

With more than 7,000 condominium units to his credit, Frédric Clairoux is a fixture in Montreal’s real estate design industry, and is known for two key offerings:

  • Condominium customization: Clairoux offers real estate promoters a coordination service for condominium units. It supports new owners in their decisions on finishing materials and plan changes. This professional support reassures buyers and boosts their confidence.
  • Move-in ready: A change in habits is starting to take place “of people wanting to live in a perfectly harmonious condominium without worrying about decoration,” says Clairoux. “Move-in ready is the turnkey solution for a functional and stylish home all the way from design to delivery.”