Humber Gives Maximum Impact

Haworth’s Toronto showroom, playing gracious host for Impact, Humber College’s Bachelor of Interior Design class of 2019 thesis show, was thronged with proud students, faculty members and associated family and friend.


Text and photos by David Lasker


Fourth-year students Maria Fratangelo, junior designer at Straticom; Kaylee Parkin, junior designer at Beautifully Done Interiors; and Aisha Yuones.
Interior designer Richard Eppstadt, who teaches retail and hospitality design to second- and third-year Humber students, and fourth-year students Cassandra Droog and Kun-Yong (“Daniel”) Shin.
Alon Cohen, life partner of Eric McClelland (at right), owner, Fleur-de-Lis Interior Design; flanking fourth-year Humber student and Fleur-de-Lis junior designer Angela Schuett.
Fourth-year students Abigail Dulay, Michelle Joe and Angela Tam.
Fourth-year students Alec Baldesarra with third-year students Mandia Budisa and Melanie Vander Vlugt.
Fourth-year students Kylee Baldwin, Adam Dimla and Rhea Diflorio.
Fourth-year Humber College interior design students Sonia Brah, Samahir Ghassemi, Samir Wafi and Lauren Scott.
Diamond Schmitt Architects’ Bryan Chartier, interior design director, and interior designer Tiam Rahmani flank Humber College interior design professor Zaiba Ilian.