Fantini Headquarters

Italian architect, art director and designer, Piero Lissoni, was selected to take on the renovation of Fantini’s Headquarters on the shores of Lake Orta. The architectural and material choices were intended to create a visually pleasurable environment that respects the company’s notable history on Lake Orta.

Photo Credit: Plume

The concept for this project is the enhancement of the lakefront area, which was not previously integrated with any of the company buildings.

The placement of the main office and the showroom on the lakefront was a strategic choice, as well as making the showroom a more significant part of the headquarters.

The large glass walls in the office and showroom connects employees and clients to the serene environment. Aligning all pre-existing company facilities built in subsequent periods was among the goals of this project.

Some of the outdoor wall surfaces are covered with a U-Glass dark grey finishing as a sort of ‘skin’, which blends naturally with the landscape and gives the two main company buildings an effect of visual continuity.

A long-roofed concrete walkway was added along the river between the company entrance and the main office to connect the spaces. Following the theme of natural elements, a covered garden with an industrial green pergola roof joins the main offices and showroom.

The main office’s lakefront relocation is the new central venue for all business activities to manage the flow of employees and guests.

The walkway leads to a dock on the lake where there is a boat for guests and clients, directly linking the company to casa Fantini and lake time hotel.

With views of Lake Orta and the island of San Giulio, the existing pre-war industrial buildings on the lakefront were intentionally designed to keep their raw nature and dark-grey color. Contrasting white walls and floors in synchrony with the transparency of the large glass walls, dominate the inside of the offices and the showroom.