Formica’s New Product Ranges Offer Assortment of Applications

Toronto’s Gardiner Museum was the setting for a posh event Formica Canada held in late April, which they called Design+,  for the launch of their latest creations: the Living Impressions Collection; HardStop Decorative Protection Panels; and the Intentek Wireless Charging Surface.

The three diverse product ranges offer an assortment of applications in your home, business, or even for your phone.

2019 Living Impressions Collection 
Formica Group is celebrating 10 years of its exclusive “first-to-market, true-to-scale scanning technology, 180fx,” which gives homeowners exotic granites, stones and woodgrains in a large-scale laminate.

Pietra Grafite
  • Nero Marquina: Is a fine black marble with crisp white veining that resembles a painter’s brushstroke. The black marble originally from the region of Markina in the north of Spain;
  • Neapolitan Stone: Neapolitan Stone features the highest colour variation of granite. It’s comprised of whites, beiges, blues and warm grays, emulating the flow of sand on a Mediterranean beach;
  • Pietra Grafite: The No. 1 favorite of residential designers surveyed by Formica Group, Pietra Grafite is a soft gray with white veining;
  • Istanbul Marble: A large-scale Turkish marble pattern with sharp, sweeping movement blending light and dark with flashes of rusty gold;
  • White Knotty Maple: A rustic take on North America’s woodgrain, this natural and raw look has authentic visual imperfections;
  • Smoky Planked Walnut: Emulating the Japanese art of shou sugi ban (burning wood to waterproof it), this charred, wire-brushed woodgrain reveals a distinct, luxe colour.
Leanne Ford 2019

New High Pressure Laminate patterns include:

  • Onyx: Ice Onyx and Gray Onyx are new translucent and rich patterns that add a sophisticated element to homes. According to Formica Canada Inc., Onyx designs have been popular in Formica Corporation’s range for almost 50 years. Technological advances now allow Formica Corporation to capture the translucent qualities of the stone in both light and dark formats;
  • Onyx: A creamy white background offset with a white crystalline structure;
  • Gray Onyx: A soft gray background with clouds of creamy white and a subtle blue-gray crystalline structure;
  • Marmara: Two new marble designs originating from Turkey’s Marmara Island in the middle of the Marmara Sea, the smallest sea in the world;
  • Marmara Beige: A rich blend of beige, gold and gray;
  • Marmara Gray: Monochromatic warm and cool grays, blended with an undertone of cream and taupe;
  • Planked Raw Oak: A light and weather-worn woodgrain that is mellowed by the sun and rain;
  • Planked Coffee Oak: A darker, modern variation with a rich brown background and a slight purple cast in the graining.
Gray Onyx Planked Coffee Oak

HardStop Decorative Protection

This new line of high-performance wall panels features a fiberglass core for durability and strength, a solution for areas that demand superior protection and ease of installation and maintenance.

Intentek Wireless Charging Surface

This new hard surface product has an integrated phone charging technology embedded within its laminate exterior, creating a clutter-free design for those who love an uninterrupted surface. Designed for horizontal applications in commercial spaces, this wireless charging laminate surface will be launched in 2020.

According to Formica Group, the Wireless Charging Surface provides:

  • Fast charge times;
  • Large 2”x2” charging zone;
  • Meets Qi wireless charging standard;
  • Works with all Qi certi ed phones;
  • Durable laminate surface;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Available in the full range of Formica Brand Laminate designs.