Luum Textiles Introduces a New Collection designed by Suzanne Tick

Luum Textiles announced the launch of their latest collection, Future Tense, designed by Suzanne Tick using fabrics that highlight their progressive approach to textile. The new design comprises the upholstery fabrics schema, macrotweed, colour fuse and tilt shift, in addition to the actuate multi-purpose fabric.

Photo Courtesy of Luum Textiles

“Harkening to past eras characterized by large graphic applications and the elevation of everyday materials, the Future Tense collection harnesses the power of textiles to simultaneously define and shift our spatial perspective,” said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Luum Textiles.

Accoring to Luum, the fragmented graphic pattern of schema acknowledges generations of restless designers. Nodding to recurring visual cues, the super graphic patterning shifts the impression of scale and context, and adds vibrancy to an interior.

Photo Courtesy of Luum Textiles

Actuate is a versatile tonal texture that expands the offering of resonant colours in this construction. Integrating a yarn that combines rich colours with subtle luster softens technical fibers in a multi-faceted basket weave. This blended yarn interrupts the balanced weave structure to create natural movement and visual interest.

“The new fabrics are grounded in industrial design, celebrating advances in conscious manufacturing and sustainability. The expressive patterns and palettes are both bold and complex, reflecting the balance between harmony and discord. Each fabric requires a second look, encouraging interaction with the environment and promoting curiosity. Through questioning the tangible, we become more engaged with our surroundings,” said Tick.

Macrotweed’s marled and chunky yarns blend to create a hyper-textural upholstery product, while exploring the volume through texture and colour. Macrotweed’s amplified and graphic colour combinations creates an explosion of detailed hues.

Photo Courtesy of Luum Textiles

Colour fuse transforms natural materials. This polyurethane is transparent and bonded to a chunky black and white cotton weave structure, creating a chromatic barrier between the user and the natural fiber below. The tinted colour softens the effect of the high-contrast layer, and highlights the depth and texture of the weave.

The use of recycled cotton matter and the linear design of tilt shift is an encouragement to shift the value system toward sustainability. Luum’s use of post-industrial and post-consumer cotton derived from apparel waste, which was carefully sorted by colour, shredded and spun into yarn. With inspirations by the isometric language, and a perspective of architectural drawings, the parallax pattern engages viewers to adopt new ways of thinking.

“Future Tense highlights our progressive approach to textile design and emphasis on super scale and the duality of materials,” said Dave White, Vice President of Luum Textiles. “Non-traditional processes are applied to honest materials, providing new context. As we create new patterns, we explore how the graphic qualities of a fabric alter the way a space is perceived and experienced. Patterns can captivate as well as forgive. They can make a statement or hide imperfections.”