The Italian Association of Ceramics announced Ciot as the 2019 North American Distributor Award recipient

Celebrating the close connection between Italian tile manufacturers and their North American partners, Confindustria Ceramica (the Italian Association of Ceramics) announced Ciot, as the 2019 North American Distributor Award recipient.

Photo Courtesy of Ciot.

At the 2019 Coverings Show in Orlando, Confindustria Ceramica’s chairman, Giovanni Savorani, presented the award to Kristina Panzera, vice president of marketing and buying at Ciot.

“We are very honoured for the recognition. We are very lucky because our staff is truly committed to their jobs and the company. They take what they do to heart and want to make sure they always have the right fit between customer needs and the products they recommend,” Panzera.

The influential presence of Italian ceramic tiles in North America is comprised of distributors with a diverse display of products, fused with knowledge and passion of the trade.

Each year, Confindustria Ceramica honors an ideal North American tile distributor with the North American Distributor Award, as an acknowledgement of their valuable contribution.

A jury of members of the Confindustria Ceramica Board of Directors, and representatives from Italian tile manufacturers, selected Ciot based on their industry intelligence, passion for the trade, and commitment to Ceramics of Italy products.

Ciot also demonstrated an exemplary service as an Italian tile importer and distributor, consistency, and fair-trade practices in relation to Italian manufacturers.

Honouring their 69th anniversary, the Montréal-based distributor was founded in 1950 by Giovanni Battista as a terrazzo manufacturing company, and began importing Italian stone and ceramics after a decade. Ciot presently has sales representatives within Halifax’s region, and showrooms in Vaughan, Toronto, Mississauga, Québec City, Detroit and Brossard.

Italian products make up 95 per cent of Ciot’s ceramic business. The company carries the following Ceramics of Italy brands: Atlas Concorde, Cooperativa d’Imola, Marazzi, Ragno, Marca Carona, Coem Fioranese, Gruppo Emilceramica, Lea, Vogue, ABK, Campogalliano, Casalgrande Padana, Dom, Edimax Ermes Aurelia, Impronta, and Sichenia.