HanStone Canada Unveils its New Unearthed Collection of Premium Quartz Colours

HanStone Canada’s latest trio of new colours, the Unearthed Collection, combines earthly elements and the natural beauty of nature’s offerings.

“My main source of inspiration behind this collection was simply nature itself,” said Michael Talbot, HanStone Product Design Manager. “While designing this collection, I wanted to illustrate the beauty of nature and its unique characteristics and imperfections. With its rich texture and earthly tones, this collection captures the essence of our beautiful planet and allows us to embrace those outdoor elements from the comfort of indoors.”

The Unearthed Collection’s display of premium quartz incorporates windswept veining with warm, tonal shades of pearl, grey, and the exclusive Riverwashed finish that delivers a distinctive, natural texture capturing the essence of earth.

Storm is a windswept white marbling that strikes dimension and depth across an earthy grey base.

Terra’s deep toasty tone of subtle movement is an extraction from earth, and echo’s the warmth of the land.

Coast’s calm, sandy background is a neutral tone specked with soft pearl veining.