Céragrès Opens its biggest Boutique Workspace in Laval

Importer and distributor of ceramics, natural stone and high-end plumbing fixtures, Céragrès, expand their space by opening its seventh Boutique Workspace in Laval.

The new Céragrès venue occupies more than 9,000 square feet in a hub that focuses on the art of living, near Le Centre and Carrefour Laval. This Boutique Workspace is more than twice the average size of its other locations, making it the brand’s flagship.

Photo credit: Céragrès

Céragrès Laval is an integrated showroom where curated products are presented through exclusive and varied displays that feature contemporary materials.

Several model bathrooms, and three full kitchens, demonstrate the combinations of materials, styles, colours, patterns and textures occupy the 9,000-plus sq. ft. space.

Photo credit: Céragrès

According to Céragrès, each month the company will add several products inspired by the latest European trends such as 5 inch x 10 inch ceramic tiles.

Céragrès is also expanding its offerings with a new range of complementary products made of wood. Available exclusively at Céragrès Laval, the floor coverings include white oak and maple.

With Jardin de Ville, Must, C&M Textiles, La Bête à Pain and Prune les fleurs, as partners, Céragrès is launching a modern retail concept, in which boundaries are erased in favour of fluid movement between the different company spaces.

The retail concept offers consumers a liberated and integrated experience that goes beyond buying, while incorporating recreation. The different companies share a commonality of focusing on design and the art of living.

A comprehensive materials library is paired with workspaces that retail customers, as well as design and architecture professionals, can occupy and use freely.

“We wanted to offer designers a pleasant workspace where they can, either with our advisors or on their own, be inspired, plan, draw, see and touch samples, all in a comfortable setting with some great coffee,” said Guy Gervais, Céragrès founder and manager.