Italian-based espresso and coffee brand De’Longhi America announces four new items

Whether you’re a passionate espresso drinker, or you enjoy the texture of foam fixated in a cappuccino, Italian-based espresso and coffee products company, De’Longhi America, has new items for consumers on their personal coffee journey. De’Longhi Group’s new line features one-touch fully automatic espresso machines, smart technology-enhanced manual machines, a customizable drip coffeemaker, and an automatic machine that brews iced coffee.

“Our newest innovations are a direct response to consumers’ growing desire for a more authentic, premium bean-to-cup coffee experience. We believe strongly that this year’s launches in drip, fully automatic, manual espresso and pour over will help maintain our position as the category leader in high quality coffee machines, as we strive to be the access point for all consumers interested in specialty coffee,” said Mike Prager, De’Longhi Group North America’s President and CEO.

De’Longhi La Specialista, De’Longhi Dinamica, De’Longhi 3 in 1 Specialty Brewer and Braun MultiServe are De’Longhi Group’s new products, which will debut at the 2019 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, Illinois:

De’Longhi La Specialista

Photo Courtesy of De’Longhi America

De’Longhi La Specialista is a manual espresso machine that brews handcrafted espresso-based beverages. Its grinding technology delivers an optimal dose for espressos with a sensor that makes sure you wont run out of beans during your process. La Specialista also includes a latte system that creates any style of froth, from hot milk and microfoam, to latte art and cappuccino froth.

“We have been carefully evaluating the marketplace and consumer demand, and found that there was an untapped desire for a manual espresso machine that allows users to effortlessly and expertly craft specialty espresso beverages, without needing the skills and education of a barista,” said Maria Colon, Vice President of Marketing for De’Longhi. “With the launch of La Specialista, we are excited to broaden the market for manual espresso machine users.”

De’Longhi Dinamica

Photo Courtesy of De’Longhi America

De’Longhi Dinamica is an automatic coffee and espresso machine with an iced coffee feature that is designed to deliver a smooth full-bodied flavour. The Dinamica has an automatic touch-sensitive interface that allows you to brew multiple hot beverages.

De’Longhi 3 in 1 Specialty Brewer

Photo Courtesy of De’Longhi America

The new De’Longhi 3 in 1 Specialty Brewer is De’Longhi’s first introduction into the craft coffee brewing method. The Brewer has a “pour over” selection, which is a slower pulse brewing process that helps the water extract more flavour from the grounds, while the “over ice” function is done by pressing two buttons together, adding the desired amount of water and coffee grounds, and placing ice cubes directly in the carafe. The glass carafe allows users to brew up to 8 cups, and features a warming plate that holds the temperature for up to 60 minutes.

“We are excited to bring a range of new coffee innovations to market, to engage consumers at all points in their coffee experience across categories,” said Dean Brindle, Vice President of Category Strategy & Product Development, De’Longhi North America. “As specialty coffee consumption continues to grow year over year, we are welcoming more and more consumers to the world of De’Longhi and Braun coffee where they can experience the De’Longhi difference.”

Braun MultiServe

Photo Courtesy of De’Longhi America

Braun MultiServe is a pod-free single-serve and drip coffee maker that automatically dials the user’s preferred size, style of drip coffee, and portions the correct amount of water. MultiServe will feature:

  • Seven adjustable coffee size options with the ability to adjust the strength of the brew
  • An adjustable shelf to brew directly into a cup, travel mug and carafe
  • Pod-free single serve convenience
  • A freshness indicator that tracks brewed coffee freshness
  • Touch screen display with programmable auto-start
  • Hot water option that provides six temperatures for brewing tea (on select models)
  • A brew “pause” switch, removable water tank, and easy-fill basket