Teknion Receives Multiple New Product Awards at NeoCon 2019

At the 51st edition of NeoCon’s Best of NeoCon Awards, Teknion Corporation’s new products received an Innovation Award for the Teknion Bene Box in the Furniture Collections for Collaboration category, and a Best of NeoCon Gold award for its Tek Vue product in the Movable Walls category.

“Just prior to NeoCon, Teknion announced a new partnership with the European office furnishings company Bene, and the preview of the Teknion Bene Box in our showroom during NeoCon,” said Joe Regan, Senior VP, Design and Corporate Marketing. “Our new venture with Bene is clearly off to an exciting start with this Innovation Award − one of only eight presented this year. The Best of NeoCon Gold for our Tek Vue wall product is a tribute to the design excellence of our in-house architectural products team.”

Teknion Bene Box

Photo Courtesy of Teknion

Teknion Bene Box is a multi-functional modular furnishing system that combines desks, tables, stools, storage and shelves that form flexible options for any space. Teknion Bene Box’s smooth assembly can be modified by hand in a few steps to create the required settings. Its building blocks shape work environments to support multiple team tasks that encourage lively group dynamics and creativity.

Tek Vue

Photo Courtesy of Best of NeoCon

The Tek Vue system is a glass office-front that provides space division, site accommodation and privacy. Its single-center glaze, and thin-profile, integrates the conventional construction of Teknion’s wall programs, which is built on the concept of a universal platform.

Naava Healthtech Green Wall

Photo Courtesy of Teknion

As a silver award recipient, the Naava Healthtech Green Wall reconnects office workers with nature to create a healthy and inspiring workplace. According to Teknion, the space divider is proven to naturalize indoor air, reduces harmful chemicals and optimizes humidity. The Naava Wall is planted in a soil-less, porous growth medium with special pots to enhance air circulation.

Sprout Stool & Table Collection

Photo Courtesy of Teknion

Teknion previewed the Sprout Stool & Table Collection by Danish designer Thomas Pedersen in their showroom at NeoCon. The counter and bar height stools combines organic lines with details inspired by nature, budding flowers, foliage and branches at varying stages of growth. The collection can be displayed solo, or as part of a larger arrangement of similar colours and textures. Sprout is ideal for short-term applications, workplaces, phone booths, cafeterias, cafes, retail and educational settings.