Flexible Fixtures: Work Surfaces

For improved collaboration, productivity and well-being, today’s most progressive and style-savvy offices bring flexible furniture options into play.


Loehr | ENO

As creative collaboration in the office increases, so too does the need for accommodating workstations. Loehr’s ENO table comfortably sits between four to 10 bodies, ensuring ample leg room through a recessed based and orthogonal steel frame. Inspired by the minimalism of the De Stijl art movement, each linear unit can be chain-linked together to achieve any desired length.

Boss Design | ACDC

British designer Broome Jenkins’ ACDC tables encourage movement, improve posture, reduce fatigue and positively influence workplace behaviour. From height-adjustable meeting tables to fully ergonomic sit-stand desks, each ACDC promotes shorter standing group meetings or individual, desk-focused work. The tables also incorporate the latest in noise-reducing motor technology, further limiting distractions and disruptions throughout the day.

BuzziSpace | BuzziBracks

This modular framework system by Alain Gilles invites users to carve out small, designated working areas within larger, open-plan zones. Entirely customizable, the units contain lighting and storage solutions, as well as Kvadrat-fabric curtains specially engineered to absorb sound. Whether installed for individual or shared use, BuzziBracks offer instant privacy in an easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing way.

Allsteel and MNML | Altitude A8

Addressing common workplace frustrations, from poor cable management to problems with productivity caused by audio-visual distractions, this system’s under-desk power drawer conceals cables and consolidates them towards a single exit point near the floor. Similarly, upholstered privacy screens move in tandem with height adjustable tables, ensuring consistent privacy as the user changes position throughout the day.