Cosentino Introduces Slip-Resistant Treatment for Dekton Surfaces

The R+D department of the Cosentino Group introduced a slip-resistant treatment for Dekton ultra-compact surfaces. Grip+ is a product that provides maximum safety to public and private projects, and blends together solutions that the Cosentino R+D department has been constructing for years.

According to its manufacture, Dekton Grip+ offers a smoothness that’s similar to the material’s standard finishing.

The treatment is suitable for anti-slip applications on the most demanding indoor and outdoor surfaces such as bathrooms, terraces, areas in and around pools, and showers.

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Grip+ is joined to the material before the particle sintering process, an ultra-compaction procedure during manufacturing, making it part of the surface’s molecular structure.

Under regulation DIN 51130 — the German-developed pedestrian slip test— the product classifies as R11, and meets the Class 3 regulation.

The lightly textured surface obtained is long-lasting, uniform and easy to maintain.

Using Grip+’s slip-resistant technology provides Dekton surfaces a higher safety index, and helps avoid potential accidents.

Dekton offers resistance to scratches, stains, cold, heat, UV rays, and absorbs very little water.

The Grip+ will be applied to four material colours including: Soke; Orix; Vera and Keon. Cosentino Group states that the treatment will also be gradually incorporated into other tones in the product range.

Photo Courtesy of the Cosentino Group