Powder snow

Powder snow is a Luc Plante architecture + design country home constructed with well-defined lines, and vast windows overlooking the Bromont Valley.

Photo credit: Jean-Guy Lambert photographer

The country home’s team faced challenges with conforming to the occupants’ wishes, while making the project’s surrounding easier for skiers in a manner that was comfortable, modern, and practical.

With direct access to the ski trails, Powder snow offers mudroom for sports equipment, a festive family room and a large floating terrace perched on pillars.

As its large windows overlooks the ski slopes, the high-ceilinged living room engulfs the sun and moonlight, while the first floor opens onto the steep views, and the ground floor hosts a series of bedrooms.

Photo credit: Jean-Guy Lambert photographer

The kitchen/dining room area extends outwards. On one side there’s a roof garden planted with long grass, herbs and spices, and the other side has a wooden terrace.

Slightly set back is the master bedroom, which protrudes from the main body of the residence, overhanging into the adjacent wooded area.

The ceiling’s height projects visitors into natural surroundings, as the neighbouring woodland extends to it.

The American walnut staircase is divided into two mirror parts separated by a glass panel.

Photo credit: Jean-Guy Lambert photographer

From the outside, the flat roof limits the total height of the residence and highlights the landscape while clearing the view to the mountaintop.

The exterior finish of white cedar shingles and burnt wood cladding emphasizes Powder snow’s architecture and defines its varied heights.

Although the landscaping has been deliberately left bare to highlight the terrain, Powder snow’s final signature is its corten steel chimney that creates vertical movement anchored in the surrounding terrain.