Kinka Family office, Toronto

Dialogue 38, Toronto

Photography by Kerun Ip

Founded in 2009, Kinka Family has evolved into Canada’s largest Japanese hospitality group, with restaurants and cafés in Toronto, Montréal, Tokyo and Seoul. Toronto eateries include previous Best of Canada winners both by Dialogue 38: Kinka Izakaya, a bustling Japanese pub; and Kinton Ramen, the first authentic ramen shop to open here. Each concept is unique in its offerings, ambiance and service style. Kinka’s office combines a modern approach with a nod to traditional Japanese culture. The bones of the existing building—exposed brick, wood joists and ceiling—remain intact and became an integral part of the design. Raking lighting enhances the wood and brick textures, adding richness and a sense of depth to the space. Custom-designed, long bench-style work desks were created for the bullpen where employees collaborate with their teammates. In the reception area, the palette of marble, stone and large-format tile balanced with white oak exemplifies a trend one sees among this year’s BoC winners: dramatically veined dark marble, or very realistic-looking large-format ceramic-tile simulacra, are gaining popularity as a material to highlight a focal point.