Moon side table

Atelier Sun, Toronto

Photography by Nam Hoang

How fitting that Toronto-based Atelier Sun would design a Moon side table. Its design was inspired by the phases of the moon in Chinese culture. On the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, the moon is full, its round shape symbolizing family reunion. The table comprises a circular top and three legs with semicircular cutouts. Depending on the angle of the table’s rotation when viewed straight on, the semicircular cutouts align to form a spherical hollow suggesting a full moon. As one rotates the table it exhibits waxing and waning crescents, just like the real thing. The eight digits prominently engraved or printed on one leg give the time, day and month of the full moon (pink table) or first quarter moon (pink table) when the table was made. When the number is seen straight on, the table is at full moon. The table is available in painted MDF, solid wood and quartz.