Myodetox, West Hollywood, Calif.

Reflect Architecture, Toronto

Photography by Riley Snelling

What the liver and kidneys won’t eliminate, a detoxification cleansing will. Myodetox, a Canadian company founded in 2015, has expanded rapidly across North America. Its branch in the West Hollywood district of Los Angeles was inspired by contemporary retail design rather than the traditional clinic design stereotype of a row of chairs, old magazines and small treatment rooms. Here, the public programs are visible from the street while the open-concept treatment pods repose in the back; a hidden curtain can be pulled around each pod when privacy is required. In keeping with the brand’s corporate identity, the materials palette, including ribbed acoustic felt, slate wall tiles and white-oak herringbone and plank flooring, was chosen to project a feeling of luxury. The aesthetic borrows from technical athletic wear, which translates to the tailored look of the faceted reception desk and the backdrops of greys, browns and black. In a nod to local context, the asymmetrical “X” feature element was inspired by the forms and finish of a surfboard.