Jardin de Ville Presents its New Garden Pavilions

Jardin de Ville, a Québec-based exterior furniture company, has expanded their outdoor designs with a new Summer 2019 collection of garden pavilions.

Whether you are in a city, country, backyard or on a rooftop, the contemporary, minimalist pavilions offer a variation of style, size, colour and accessories. The shelters are available for residential and commercial projects with fully customizable installations.

Sleek: simple and minimalist

The Sleek is one of Jardin de Ville’s latest garden pavilion model by Québec’s Cuscini Design: A manufacturer for Jardin de Ville since 1988, and a maker of pavilions since 1996.

The Sleek is a minimalist fixed-roof pavilion that features mesh curtains hidden inside its four posts.


  • Finished in anodized aluminum
  • Colours: aluminum or black (or custom)
  • Dimensions: 10X10’, 10X11’, 10×12′, 10×14′, 10’x15′, 10X16’, 10X17’, 10X18’, 10X19’, 10X20’/ total height 107’’ at the gables
  • Fixed roof
  • Integrated rain gutter system

It is part of the same family of pavilions as the Square One, a fixed-roof pavilion with integrated rain gutters.

Square One

  • Finished in anodized aluminum
  • Colours: aluminum (or custom)
  • Dimensions: 10×10′, 10×12′, 10×14′ / total height 107’’ at the gables
  • Retractable roof
  • Integrated rain gutter system

Close-up: adjustable louvers

Also new at Jardin de Ville is the Close-up pavilion. This model’s roof and adjustable louvers has the ability to be positioned at different angles to let in more or less sunshine.

The structure can be either freestanding or attached to a building. When the louvers are closed, a gutter system channels rainwater through the posts and into the ground.


  • Finished in aluminum
  • Colours: white or grey
  • Dimensions: 11×12’, 18×11’ / height 90 ½”
  • Roof with adjustable louvers
  • Integrated rain gutter system

Pergola: part canopy, part veranda

Jardin de Ville additionally presents a third pavilion this season, the timeless Pergolaby Solicanada. Featuring Solisystème adjustable louvers, this patio-shelter concept encompasses a canopy and a porch roof.

The remote-controlled aluminum louvers rotate up to 140°. The Pergola is bio-climatic, providing shelter and adjusting the balance between sun and shade by controlling shadow and light, coolness and heat.

Depending on the model, several accessories are available for creating environments adapted to specific needs such as: mosquito netting, motorized screens, LED lighting, patio heaters with integrated speakers, planters and custom colour palettes