Architex Releases New Textile Products

Architex’s expansive and evolving product line has added new textiles that share stories of effortless cleanability and sustainability in an array of bold and neutral hues.

Over the past 40 years, the contract textile line has provided solutions for commercial, healthcare and hospitality venues by blending design, technology and green practices.

Their broad product offerings include upholstery, wall covering, privacy curtain fabrics as well as drapery and non-wovens.

Ultra Series – Ultra crush

With colourways named after some notable icons (ex: Beckham, Gosling and Momoa), the Ultra Series’ latest pattern, Ultracrush, makes it hard to choose just one of its stain-resistant selections. This pattern is inherently Write-Off ink and stain resistant, featuring 250,000 double rubs, Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, and Proposition 65 Compliant.

Twinkle is a Proposition 65 and REACH Compliant pattern that shares a story of durability, cleanability and sustainability all wrapped into one high performance upholstery pattern. Sixteen colours, featuring 100,000 double rubs, showcase a range of rich neutrals to airy hues with constellation-inspired names such as Orion, Aquarius and Lyra.


Crafted by Italian artisans, the Architex Inovasi collection offers vegan suede leather fabrics for the contract market. Patterns Antico, Flannela and Logoro are constructed in a top-layer of 100 per cent Italian brushed polyester with a mid-layer polyurethane foam. Featuring increased durability and a water-repellent finish, all of these patterns are Proposition 65 Compliant.

Some Like it Mod

Some Like it Mod includes four patterns – Cavern Club, Good Day Sunshine, Lucy in the Sky and Space Oddity – of sophisticated urban neutrals to punchy nightclub brights. All patterns feature 50K-100K double rubs and are stocked finish-free allowing for the flexibility in performance needs.