Nienkämper Purchases All ICF Ownership Interests

Nienkämper Furniture & Accessories Inc., the Toronto-based manufacturer of fine office furniture, has recently announced its departure from International Contract Furnishings, Inc. (ICF) after a successful 25+ year relationship.

“Nienkämper has realized considerable growth and profitability during the past 25 years as a member of the ICF Group of companies,” said Klaus Nienkämper, Chairman of Nienkämper. “We believe that continued growth is now best achieved as an independent company.”

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The company is now owned by a family trust, with Ann-Marie Snook, who according to Nienkämper, has been with the manufacturer for more than 35 years, serving as President.

Klaus Nienkämper will remain Chairman and will continue to lead the design direction of the company.The company will also continue to share showroom space with ICF in Dallas and New York for the duration of the leases, while the showroom in the Merchandise Mart will be used exclusively for Nienkämper throughout the next five years.

“Over the years, our partnership with Nienkämper has benefitted both our ICF furniture and Unika Vaev textile businesses,” said James Kasschau, President of the ICF Group. “The recent development of our acoustic products segment now requires increased sales and management attention to sustain the growth rates that we expect will continue in that business unit.”