The Ville de Montréal Launches Playful Furniture Design Competition

The Ville de Montréal’s Bureau du design has allocated a $1.3 million budget for a multidisciplinary design competition to embellish the future Esplanade Clark with playful urban furniture.

Photo credit: Ville de Montréal

“The design competition will allow us to select a playful movable furniture project that will supplement the conventional furniture on Esplanade Clark. In particular, we want to set up a carousel and fountains to delight people of all ages. Their installation will give this new public space a festive allure, inviting people to relax, cool off and have fun, in the shadow of the large urban towers,” says Magda Popeanu, Vice-president of the executive committee, responsible for culture and Montéal’s diversity.

The competition’s budget also considers the design and manufacture of the playful furniture collection, which will be delivered in fall 2020.

A jury made up of representatives of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, the design world, and the Ville de Montréal will select the winning concept in fall 2019.

The future Esplanade Clark is the last phase of the Quartier des spectacles major project, the Place des Arts hub. Esplanade Clark is situated in the Quartier des spectacles, west of Clark, between Sainte-Catherine and de Montigny.

The new multifunctional pavilion will include an outdoor refrigerated skating rink during winter, which will be converted into a lively urban patio in summer to host activities and concerts.

This competition further requires the Coordinator to be present in Montréal during completion of the project.

It is also held in two major stages: the first based on anonymous proposals and a second in which a maximum of four finalists, selected by the jury during the first stage, will submit a service offering.

The playful furniture collection’s configuration will evolve through the seasons and provide opportunities for interaction, movement, strolling, and rest.

To find out more details about the multidisciplinary design competition for playful furniture on Esplanade Clark, click here