Studio TK’s Havn Collection Increases Workplace Flexibility

Studio TK’s Scandinavian-inspired Havn Seating Collection addresses the demand for increased flexibility in today’s workplace with its winged lounge chair and settee.

“Over the past few years, digital capabilities have incited a transition in workplaces, decreasing the need for employees to stay in one place throughout the day. This change has ushered in open-concept offices with breakout spaces and lounge areas that are conducive to flexible work,” said Charlie Bell, President, Studio TK. “Designed to provide a comfortable and private place for employees to hold quick meetings or work individually, Havn responds to this change in work culture.”

Photo Courtesy of Studio TK

Denmark duo Flemming Busk and Stephan Hertzog of Busk+Hertzog designed Havn around a craft aesthetic, with clean lines and a curved wooden frame.

The low-back settees and lounges provide an area for socializing, collaborative work, while high-back offerings block distractions for employees to work in an uninterrupted setting.

“The basic shape for Havn was something that we came up with during a lunch in a museum,” said Hertzog. “Using the program from the museum, we started folding the back shape of the chair and that was the starting point for the shape and the concept. Then we started drawing together directly in the computer, trying to put everything in perspective in real scale, and trying to imagine how every part and detail of Havn can be reproduced.”

Photo Courtesy of Studio TK

Havn’s back is wrapped organically within the wooden frame, surrounding a soft bolster pillow as the curved wooden frame cradles the upholstered seat with a crafted void in the rear.

As individual elements within an interior, the distinct details and function of the collection begin to standout. The simple variation between high and low back can influence layout and use scenarios, whereas the settee versions enhance any social space.

“With Havn, we wanted to create a piece of furniture that, in itself, it created a space within the space, so that whenever you sat in it you immediately felt that you had your own little area of privacy,” said Busk.

Photo Courtesy of Studio TK