Alessi Presents New Kitchen Accessories and Tabletop Extensions

As we begin to rearrange the exterior décor to nestle inside a warm space, Alessi is kicking off the upcoming season with new a collection dedicated to the sun and the moon, an improved espresso coffee maker, and sleek kitchenware sets.

Originally designed in 2003, Alessandro M. – Groningen is a special edition corkscrew that honors the late Alessandro Mendini on the 25th anniversary of one of his biggest architectural projects: the Groninger Museum.

Photo courtesy of Alessi

Alessandro M. is created to mark the personal exhibition Mondo Mendini, the designer’s last project before he passed away.

The Alessandro M. corkscrew’s multicoloured clothes and pointillist vibe is reminiscent of the Dutch museum’s façades.

This limited edition version is created in thermoplastic resin and chrome-plated zamak.

Caffa is a travel mug designed to respond to the dynamism of modern life in a stainless-steel, double walled thermal carafe.

Its name derives from a south-western Ethiopian province (Kaffa) where the temperate climate and the fertility of the soil favor a variety of crops, including coffee.

Photo courtesy of Alessi

Available in brown, red or white cap colour options, Caffa features a special cover, integrated in the lid, which ensures that the section that comes into contact with the mouth is protected.

Following the success of Moka, Alessi is presenting a new version of the espresso coffee maker in a 9-cup size and a magnetic base, suitable for all heat sources.

Photo Courtesy of Alessi

The David Chipperfield designed machine is a tribute to Alfonso Bialetti, Alberto Alessi’s maternal grandfather.

“The new 9-cup version of the coffee maker, with a bottom suitable for induction plates, has broadened the selection of Moka available,” says Alberto Alessi. “Faced with an increasingly demanding and eclectic clientele of coffee lovers, this model is equipped with a double funnel filter: the first for classic espresso coffee, while the second – which involves the use of a suitable coffee blend filter – for preparing an excellent American coffee.”

The Texture & Colors collection is inspired by the design and manufacturing technique used in the recent launch of the ExtraOrdinaryMetal project.

Photo Courtesy of Alessi

Texture & Colors is made of steel with the granulation worked in, and then coloured to create a new skin in red and matte black finishes.

Alessi has included the Moir tray by Marcel Wanders and the double walled bowl “Double” by Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi to round out the collection for Fall/Winter 2019.

The company has also added two new scents and an incense burner reminiscent of a calla lily to their home fragrance collection by Marcel Wanders.

The new Sun and the Moon scents were made in collaboration with one of Grasse’s — the French city known for its flower and fragrance production — renowned perfumers.

With suitably evocative names chosen by Wanders – “Ohhh” for the enveloping splendor of the sun and “Uhhh” for the silvery charm of the Moon — “Ohhh” is a full, masculine and wild fragrance that is composed of leather, musk, sandalwood, spicy notes, ginger, cinnamon, mineral notes and amber, while “Uhhh” is feminine and aquatic created by the union of iodine, marine notes, white flowers, jasmine, lilac, ambergris and white musk.

Both fragrances are available in the new Lily incense burner, which offers a poetic interpretation of the classic incense burner.

“The Alessi collection of home fragrances invites us to discover the immensity of nature and to embrace its spirit in our home. The intensity and vitality of the scents hang in the air day and night, immersing us in an experience of continual transformation. The natural changing of the seasons perfectly mirrors our life cycle: this is why we have created fragrances that speak to our souls and involve us in a transcendent and transformative way,” says Wanders.