CN Tower LookOut Level

The CN Tower LookOut Level Reconfiguration by Cumulus Architects offers renewed views of the city and beyond; views that are central to the visitor experience. Like the quadrants of a compass, the LookOut Level experience is organized into four distinct points of view – North, South, East and West – each having the power to reveal important narratives about Canada’s past, present and future. The design interprets these defining views through an amplification of the horizon that blurs the edges and boundaries of the vista.  Pragmatically, the design utilizes planning strategies that both optimize business operations and enhance the guest experience by creating a unified observation experience that prioritizes views, accessibility, flexibility and re-thinks the food and beverage format on this Level.

Photo by Chris Chan

Floor to-ceiling glazing has been installed across three separate sections, providing near seamless unobstructed views. These windows enable children and those with mobility challenges to fully enjoy the panoramas of Toronto up close. Thermochromic film allows the panels to adjust based on sunlight and external temperature, in order to improve energy efficiency and make it easier to take photos at any time of day.  Above these “Window Wall” sections, mirror-finish ceiling panels create a breathtaking optical effect and bring the city below up to the LookOut Level. Another element of the design that brings the outside in is the installation of a new glass floor directly above the Tower’s original glass floor on the Deck level, providing a two-tier vertical view toward the ground.

Flexibility on the LookOut level centers around the idea of uncluttering and releasing the perimeter edge to maximize event space options with tactfully placed wall partitions, both glass and solid. New bistro-style venues work in tandem with the partitions and provide visitors with increased Canadian-themed food options and scalable spaces for the 500+ events hosted annually that accommodate 80-700 persons. Previously, over half of the floor plate was occupied by a single sit-down restaurant that generated only three per cent of the tower’s overall revenue.  By dispersing food and beverage options visitors are offered a more welcoming and accessible dining experience.

Distributed audio-visual solutions with infrastructure that accommodates scalability make event sections of the LookOut Level come to life. Colour changing light fixtures that run along the entire perimeter ceiling changes the atmosphere to suite event needs and make wayfinding easier.

Throughout the space, opportunities for education abound, such as the CN Tower’s Time Capsule Display, which showcases archived footage of the Tower’s early days and the moment the Time Capsule was sealed by then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The capsule is a treasured piece of history for the Tower and providing a space for it emphasizes the significance of the building as an icon in Canada and throughout the world.