NeoCon: Taking Care of Business, pt. 2

NeoCon turned 51, and this commercial interiors industry diva is hitting middle-age at full stride.


If one look at this piece of sculpture masquerading as a sofa doesn’t immediately scream Karim Rashid, you must be new. Ostensibly addressing what he calls “the social alienation that contract design can impose on public spaces,” Rashid designed Heartbeat “as a pulsating, alive respite to stagnation.” Totally reconfigurable and scalable, Heartbeat’s three elements (Straight, Concave, and Convex) keep people from being seated back to back.

iD Mixonomi │Tarkett

Inspired by the hexagon, the Red Dot Award winning iD Mixonomi LVT free-interprets shapes and colours from tender pastels to deep jewel tones to achieve spatial harmonies. Intended for hospitality, retail, higher education and corporate environments, the palette is inspired by global travel, and come in eight graphic shapes and three mini-shapes that can be mixed and matched in a variety of layouts.

Pax Collection│Integra

This range of chairs, settees, sofas, tables and poufs reflects the trend toward residentially inspired products intended for corporate, education or healthcare environments. The chair, for example, is defined by a subtly rounded seat back, a thin, sleek arm and legs that are nested on the outside of seat’s arm. Intentionally set forward from the seat’s back, the hard maple wood legs can come partially enclosed with a powder coated steel sleeve.

Hocus Collection│Mannington Commercial

Designed in collaboration with Larry Bell, a minimalist artist whose 60-year career focuses primarily on the interaction between light and surfaces, this modular carpet collection brings to the floor what Bell’s large Standing Walls installations of glass panels did for space: reveal complex shapes of transparency, reflectivity and colour that change as the observer walks through or around them.

Soft Work│Vita

London-based Barber & Osgerby are all in on the idea that the sofa is the new desk: and why not? Showrooms at NeoCon are bursting with products that bring the home to the office and vice versa. This modular system packs table surfaces, power outlets, wireless charging stations, partition panels and practically the kitchen sink into a seating platform you may, or may not, want to work at.

Look Both Ways│Interface

Created by vice president of Product Design Kari Pei and her team, this flooring system in four carpet tile and four LVT designs reimagines concrete textures and terrazzo aesthetics, achieving layered patterns on a smooth surface. It includes both hard surface and soft materials while balancing mineral-based colours with vibrant hues.

Hub/Bub│Three H

Designed through a very artisanal, fashion-forward lens, these pieces have a solid sculptural feel to them. Hub is an asymmetrical side table, using parabolic curves to produce an organic shape and offset double thick and thin legs to allow for easy movement towards and under sofas. Bub is an indoor stool made of selected solid oak, stained in a matte or clear finish with optional paint colours.