The Right Fit, pt. 1

Minimalist, modular and malleable designs are top of mind in today’s office furniture market.

Recharge | Allsteel

Created in partnership with designer Chris Adamick, this new modular furniture collection provides a feeling of enclosure and privacy in otherwise open environments. The benches, seats, poufs and tables can be arranged into custom 29-inch modules that are always high in comfort and low in visual distractions. With power capabilities, concealed wiring and optional privacy screens made from 3D printed fabric, the Recharge kit contains everything you need to assemble useful, attractive and defined workstations.


Bene Box | Teknion

Teknion has teamed up with European furnishings company Bene to launch the Bene Box, a collection of minimalist building blocks meant to support creativity and flexibility in the office space. Made entirely of pine plywood, the 360x360x381 mm blocks can be easily moved and stacked to create modular stools, benches, desks, tables, lecterns and shelving units; or disassembled and reconfigured to meet changing needs. Seating pads, storage slots and carrying handles can also be added.

Framery 2Q | Framery Acoustics

A well-known player in the privacy booths and collaborative pods game, Framery uneiled enhancements to its Framery Q model. The energy efficient 2Q is bigger, accommodating four to six people, and is available in furnished or unfinished options for easy customization. Wheelchair accessible and soundproof, the 2Q pod is made from sustainably-sourced materials, including recycled acoustic foam felt walls and a birch plywood frame.

Biometric Secured Drawer | Diamond Cabinets

Not just for household use, Diamond Cabinets’ new self-locking drawers serve an important purpose in offices, too. Equipped with sensor block technology from Master Lock, the drawers can store up to 100 fingerprints which, like a modern cell phone, are used to unlock and access what’s stored safely inside. The drawers are great for individual workstations, or for common areas in need of shared filing. Three size options and a back-up manual key lock are also available.

Lagunitas Focus Nook | Coalesse

Toan Nguyen and Coalesse have designed a single-user office nook for focused work sessions. More stylish than your standard cubicle, the nooks have high screens in knit or fabric upholstery, with veneer or laminate work surfaces and built-in power modules. The Lagunitas Focus Nooks are perfect on their own, or are easily combined to establish multiple defined stations in open environments.