Call for Submissions: The 2020 Winter Light Exhibition at Ontario Place

Winter Light Exhibition, Photo Courtesy of

The Winter Light Exhibition, curated by Ontario Place, invites creative Ontarian artists or collectives to submit a proposal for the 2020 fair.

Submissions must present a captivating interpretation of the curatorial theme Cocoon / to Cocoon, and focus on using light and user engagement to stimulate audience interaction.

Applicants are additionally encouraged to explore methods and materials robust enough to withstand the winter elements

“From a practical application in technology to biological transformations in life, to ‘Cocoon’ is a term and application that takes its meaning from those that employ it,” says Ontario Place. “The act of Cocooning oneself is to establish a state of being in which one can create a singular and unique world through the act of isolation and regeneration.”

The exhibition will take place at the 15-acre West Island of Ontario Place. Submissions are open now until November 27, 2019 at 11:59 EST

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