Gus* Design Group and Luum Textiles Launch a Limited-Edition Collection

Gus* Design Group and Luum Textiles have joined furniture design forces to launch a limited-edition collection that explores the creative possibilities of fabric and furniture.

Photo Courtesy of Gus* Design Group

The Gus* x Luum Collection reimagines the Gus* Halifax Chair and Porter End Table in playful colour combinations inspired by three captivating fabrics from Luum.

“This collaboration gave us an opportunity to look at our own furniture designs from a new vantage point,” says David Podsiadlo, Lead Designer and co-founder of Gus*. “Luum has an incredible catalogue of textiles with unique aesthetic and textural qualities. Applying their fabrics to our forms inspired bold choices that resulted in a truly unique collection of designs.”

The starting point for the collection was the Luum textile family named Knurl, which features an exaggerated texture made from thick, knubby rows, providing a bold visual and tactile foundation for the designs. Three Knurl colourways were chosen, which influenced corresponding choices for metal and wood finishes.

The Gus* designers took a daring approach to colour selection, inspired in part by the work of the Memphis Design Group, a pioneering Italian collective from the 1980s known for their unexpected colour choices.

The Gus* x Luum Collection will be available this fall in the U.S. and Canada at select Gus* retail showrooms and e-commerce websites, and through Teknion dealers.