Caesarstone Releases New 2019 Colours

Quartz manufacturer, Caesarstone, has introduced two new colour trends that are shifting traditional interior palettes in the new decade.

Dark materials have decorated palazzos and colonnades for centuries and have been reintroduced today to the most stylish homes and apartments in the form of iconic stones like slate and travertine.

These surfaces are recognizable by their frothy strata patterns; rapid precipitation formed by hot natural springs through a remarkable process of geological evolution.

Now, trends in residential kitchens and bathrooms have set a darker tone once again. In response to this colour shift, Black Tempal is a new development layered with emotion and depth.

Photo Courtesy of Caesarstone
Photo Courtesy of Caesarstone

Soft mineral deposits create a marbled veil across the slab, in contrast to its black charcoal base. The rough finish and complex composition are layered, capturing these warm granular highlights just as in real stone, all the while maintaining the easy care synonymous with each of Caesarstone’s products.

Black Tempal’s organic essence can be paired with humbler materials, from rough slate to raw concrete, accented by celadon tiles and handmade ceramics. Splashes of warm neutrals or brighter colours can further animate the interior and juxtapose its dark shadows.

Transformed alloys such as bronze, steel and cast iron have woven a dramatic spell over contemporary design; fuelling consumers’ insatiable desire for metallic finishes and capturing the mysterious essence of alchemy.

Oxidian is part of the Metropolitan Collection, celebrating the industrial aesthetic of patina and texture.

Photo Courtesy of Caesarstone
Photo Courtesy of Caesarstone

Caesarstone has innovated a dark grey basalt base with true depth, thanks to a textured matte finish that consumers can feel. Tarnished with an oxidised russet effect that is distributed unevenly like real rust, Caesarstone offers a trend-savvy aged surface, yet maintains the practical durability and easy care synonymous with all its products.

At home in urban apartments and residences, Oxidian is equally suited to hospitality, bringing a metallic presence to restaurants, bars and hotels.

There, this surface combines well with other industrial materials like concrete and lumber, complemented by gunmetal or black cabinetry, and with brushed steel or copper hardware.

The two new colours will be available in early 2020.