Ciot unveils Ceramic and Stone Trends for 2020

Verde Antico stone, Ciot

Ciot Inc.’s 2020 tile and slab trends will see trendy homes outfitted with bold colours, luxurious patterns and unforeseen textures that are “nothing short of a masterpiece”, according to the company’s Senior Buyer, Kristina Panzera.

“No longer are ceramic and stone products solely about functionality and durability, but rather, they have become fashion statements in themselves, elevating any decor with unprecedented character and elegance,” said Panzera.

Ciot’s 2020 trends in ceramic and stone products include: 

Tile Trends

Eye-catching colour: From pale rosés and minty greens, to punches of indigo blue, forest green, burgundy and black, 2020 will be all about colour. Topping Ciot’s list of trending tile collections are Bowl, Crackle, Colorplay, Let it Bee and Urban Atelier.

Striking textures, patterns and finishes: Imitation cement tiles boasting colourful patterns are gaining popularity while neutral textures are favoured to bring a touch of Mediterranean heat or Bohemian-style loft.

Ciot forecasts that tone-on-tone textures – such as their Nextone, Evolution, and Stile – will increasingly be popular for floor tiles, and glossy tiles resembling a lacquered finish in which you can ‘feel’ the brush strokes will take centre stage.

Dynamic shapes: Compelling shapes – from fish scales to diamonds and hexagons – are gaining traction as a fun, free-spirited way to elevate a room.  Computer-generated 3D effects will also create complex tile designs that play with light and shadows for futuristic decor palettes.

Super-sized tiles: When it comes to tiles in 2020, bigger is better. The new standard is 60 by 60 centimetres, with large rectangular tiles – measuring 60 by 120 centimetres – gaining traction for upscale looks. Longer, wider planks will steal the spotlight for flooring, and used on walls, they create a sleek, modern vibe.

Metallics: Metal finishes will be increasingly stylish, with natural gold, copper and brass highlights creating one-of-a-kind shiny, reflective surfaces that glisten in natural light. Primarily used as wall coverings, deep metallic finishes – such as Ciot’s Diesel Metal Perf – exude a raw, organic feel. Underfoot, neutral-toned metal finishes for floors will continue trending.

Distressed looks: What’s old is new again as distressed looks continue to hold appeal for both floors and walls, imitating the look of old marble floors worn by years of foot traffic, and creating an air of old-warm charm and craftsmanship.

Stone Trends

Stone wrapping: Elegant and sophisticated stone slabs will envelope entire rooms as consumers experiment with all surfaces for an inviting, one-of-a-kind decor. 

Colour infusion: Warm whites are no longer monotone and flat, but rather, contain lively textures in hints of grey or gold. Rosé, burgundy, jade green and icy blue return in 2020 as light and colourful choices suitable for all rooms. Black will also be in vogue, particularly with white and gold veining that is mysterious, deep and ultra-chic. Topping Ciot’s stone colour choices are: Dover White, Bianco Ecru, Enigma, Cosmopolitan, Dreaming Greens and Onice Blue.

Brighter, bolder veins: While white marble with light grey veining will always be a classic choice, stronger marble colours with active veins of wine red, emerald green and bright blue are starting to steal the show. Rather than hanging expensive artwork, these surfaces are works of art themselves.

Natural richness: The outdoors continues to move indoors in 2020, with the rise of honed surfaces and finishes that resemble raw materials and radiate the richness of nature. Leathered marble, terrazzo and concrete looks – found in Ciot’s Ceppo, Barroco and Onice Black Cloud – are becoming rampant for their moody grey vibe.