Maison+Objet ’19: La Nouvelle Vague

As always, the September edition of Maison+Objet delivers as the place to witness what’s happening in home decor now.

Respiro│DCW Éditions

Philippe Nigro splits his time evenly between Paris and Milan, which explains why a French industrial designer would name this pendant lamp Respiro, which is the Italian word for “breath,” an accurate description of this piece, which looks like a hanging book whose pages open up at the rustle of a breeze.

Urban Geometry│Notre Monde

Designer Dawn Swietzer was inspired by Art Deco architecture and geometric patterns, with a touch of ‘70s flair, when creating the Fall 2019 collection, which includes a range of full and mini-sized hand-painted trays that explore symmetry, repetition and of colour.

Cupolone & Gospel│Seletti

At first glance, this suspension lamp by Studio AMeBE – a hyper-realistic reproduction of the dome of Saint Peter made of resin and presented in white or anthracite – makes it seem as if the consistently irreverent Italian design brand may be feeling a tad penitent these days. But then you turn around and see Studio Job’s (together with Nynke Tynagel) newest pieces of blasphemy: wall lamps with halo-effect LED inspired by but subverting the imagery of church stained-glass windows. I guess it’s back to the confessional booth.

Herringbone Collection│Vitra

Back in 2018, the design duo Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer of London-based Raw-Edges were given the plum gig of furnishing an entire floor of VitraHaus on the Vitra Campus. One of their creations was a series of pillows and small, tree-like wooden objects with patterns based on the immersion dyeing technique: the transformations of different materials and shapes when parts of them are dipped in a dye bath. An on-site hit, they developed the objects into the Herringbone Collection of pillows, vessels and trees.


You probably don’t think about brooms very often, do you? Thankfully Wilhelm Grieg Teisner and Lars Olav Dybdal of Gridy do. Their powder-coated steel dustpan and brush have handles that rise to waist-level and magnets hidden inside the top of each that bring both parts together to create the curvaceous silhouette.

Otero│Hamilton Conte

This armchair is a surprising piece for the French furniture brand better known for showcasing the richness of dark woods and marbles with sumptuous fabrics in greys and beiges. Here, transparency and visual lightness are the raison d’être, while still being a comfortable seat. Effective as a single chair, they can also be grouped in modules of two, three or more to make a curved sofa.

La Lampe│Maiori

For this new solar lamp collection Maiori went beyond their normal PVC fabrics or aluminum for the shades and instead dressed them up in high performance Sunbrella fabrics. Three new models launched at Maison & Objet carry the fabrics: La Lampe Padère; La Lampe Pose 5; and La Lampe Popup 2, and the blue and red Sunbrella colours corresponds to the sky and sun, the two elements that recharge the solar modules that power the hybrid lamps.

2020 Collections│Toulemonde Bochart

For their new collection, Toulemonde Bochart (a OneCert label) wove the geometric patterns of Art Deco and Constructivism together with a variety of the colours from terracotta to deep blues and natural hues. Examples include oversized motifs in Laurent Maugust’s ‘Ginko’ rug, while Florence Bourel pays tribute to Art Deco graphics and its leaders with her ‘Sonia’ rug.