Guiding Light, pt. 1

From luminaries that mirror sleep cycles to pendants with living façades, the market’s newest lighting fixtures are both innovative and bright.

Xi | Poltrona Frau

With a name meaning “morning light” in Chinese, Neri & Hu’s lamps emit a soft glow reminiscent of sunlight at dawn. The two new styles – a floor lamp and extra-large pendant – complement the collection’s existing models with their lantern-like bodies and saddle-leather straps. The upper layer of the blown-glass lamps are available in amber, emerald, sapphire or moonstone, with camel or taupe straps and brushed brass or brushed burnished steel hardware.

Plant Chandelier | Moooi

Designed by Kranen/Gille, the ornate chandelier makes a bold statement in a market dominated by modern and minimalist fixtures. The steel and coated glass chandelier is unrestricted by cables or wires, allowing its arms to grow, twist and spread in different directions. Moooi’s fixture is part of a series originally designed for the Noordbrabants Museum in the Netherlands.

Echo OLED | Eureka Lighting

Eureka Lighting has utilized OLED technology in its new Echo pendant. The ultra-thin, saucer-shaped fixture provides subtle, soft and glare-free accent lighting ideal for places where high-quality illumination is needed in the absence of natural light. Echo can be canopy-mounted or installed with a track system, on its own or with multiple fixtures in a set.

Hugo Architectural System | SLAMP

This 2019 Red Dot Award-winning architectural lighting system consists of one-meter-long elements that can be connected using a single electrical output, power supply and rosette. Available in prism or white versions with simple suspension and bright illumination, the Hugo fixtures are fully adjustable in height and angle. Designers can choose to combine up to seven lights depending on their preferred style or need.


Multilux | Luminis

Capable of delivering up to 22,000 lumens, Luminis’ Multilux line was developed for high ceiling applications such as grocery stores, airport terminals, car dealerships or convention centres. The pendant or surface-mounted lights come in five different configurations and multiple colours; and thanks to a multi-circuit design, each of its fixture heads can be individually controlled, allowing for different beam options within the same luminaire.