Founders of Yabu Pushelberg and Stellar Works join forces on departo

Following a successful début in New York, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg of Yabu Pushelberg and Yuichiro Hori of Stellar Works are launching their newest lifestyle label, departo, in Canada.

To celebrate their Canadian launch, the direct-to-consumer brand has opened a month-long pop-up in Toronto’s Hazelton Hotel.

Photo Courtesy of departo
Photo Courtesy of departo

The pop-up features the full collection of departo products from utilitarian folding chairs to cafe tables, neutral-hued napkins and stoneware bowls until December 28.

Established in 2019, departo’s lifestyle label creates ‘Essentials for Global Nomads.’ Each piece in the brand’s collection is born from the same mission: to make covetable, affordable essentials for today’s modern, mobile consumer without sacrificing quality.

“When we were young designers struggling to get by, we would save our money up and spend all of it towards something beautiful and interesting,” says Pushelberg and Yabu. “That feeling – that desire – for an object so beautiful, so timeless, that we would keep it forever, is what we wanted each and every Departo product to embody.”

After decades of creating some sought-after spaces and objects, departo’s creative directors imagined a new kind of brand: one which could deliver useful home furnishings to a wider audience – and skip the compromise.

In collaboration with furniture maker Stellar Works, departo makes essential everyday objects, imbuing daily rituals with style.

Comprised of furniture, ceramics, textiles, metal work and glassware, the collection is a line of versatile and minimal pieces built to stand alone or work together.

Using the products as the raw ingredients for their own creative expression, departo devotees are encouraged to curate their own scheme and craft their own journeys with the products.

Photo Courtesy of departo
Photo Courtesy of departo