Guiding Light, pt. 2

From luminaries that mirror sleep cycles to pendants with living façades, the market’s newest lighting fixtures are both innovative and bright.

OE Quasi Light | Louis Poulsen

Designed in collaboration with the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, this pendant lamp purposefully looks different at every angle, offering endless interpretations for the viewer. Two contrasting geometric shapes – an icosahedron (20 faces) and a dodecahedron (12 faces) – are nested inside of each other, shaping and manipulating the bright LED light that’s emitted from its core.

480 | Healthe Inc.

This line of architectural luminaries takes its name from the wavelength of light that corresponds to the body’s peak circadian sensitivity (the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle). Blue-enticed light at 480 nanometers provides an alertness-boosting impact akin to natural sunlight, while a blue-depleted light creates a calming environment that enhances sleep. The luminaries are available in a variety of linear profiles and lengths, in suspended, wall-mount or recessed styles.

Overlap | FLOS

Designer Michael Anastassiades has paid homage to FLOS’ much-loved trademark cocoon with this new pendant lamp. The dimmable Overlap is constructed using steel and a spray-gun, creating an illusion of interlocking rings pushing through an outer membrane. The void space between the perpendicular planes is deliberately concealed to activate users’ imaginations. Overlap provides soft, diffused light and is available in two sizes.


Green Collections | OLEV

OLEV has found an innovative way to reduce noise in public spaces. The Exagon Silence Green and Green Silence collections use natural stabilized linchen, a composite organism, as the star material in their pendant and panel lights, offering soundproofing and purifying properties alongside a pleasant ambient light. The hand-selected Scandinavian linchens remains fresh and soft over time, are anti-static and fire resistant, do not need water, and offer a hostile environment for insect reproduction.

Mitzi | Hudson Valley Lighting Group

The Mitzi collection initially began as a creative outlet for Hudson Valley’s young designers, who were interested in exploring innovative applications of materials at modest price points. Now available to consumers, the collection features affordable and completely unique fixtures in a variety of styles and finishes, from chandeliers to pendants, table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps and more.