Nienkamper Wins Three Good Design Awards

Nienkämper’s Belle lounge chair, Heartbeat lounge seating, and the Gateway Height Adjustable Media Wall Table have been honoured with 2019 Good Design Awards.

“We are delighted to be honoured with the 2019 Good Design Awards and pleased to be collaborating with renowned designers Karim Rashid and Busk+Hertzog on the Heartbeat, Belle and Gateway. The ever-changing office environment challenges us every day to create new and innovative products suitable for today’s technology advanced working and public spaces”, says Ann-Marie Snook, President of Nienkämper International Inc.

Belle Chair

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Designed by Busk+Hertzog, the Belle chair is a statement piece with a simple and organic shape that rests on a contemporary swivel disc-base. Belle strikes a balance between big style and a small footprint, making it ideal for places where floor space is at a premium.

The comfortable and characteristic lounge chair was designed specifically with public spaces in mind. The armrests are cleverly integrated with the curved seat-back which is part of the pure unbroken lines of the chair – the profile of a bell upside down.

“Belle strictly follows our design philosophy working in the cross-field between public and private spaces,” says Busk+Hertzog.


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To address the social alienation that contract design can impose on public spaces, Karim Rashid designed Heartbeat as a pulsating, alive respite to stagnation. Totally reconfigurable and scalable, Heartbeat is composed of three distinct seating elements: Straight, Concave, and Convex.

Repositioning these three elements allows for the creation of a myriad of morphing, undulating, and physical landscapes. The shape and direction of the alternating seating resembles a wave or a pulse, and keeps guests from being seated back to back. Designed to facilitate conversation, Heartbeat suggests sharing a “heart to heart” with your fellow human being.

Gateway Height Adjustable Media Wall Tables

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Gateway Collection’s new Gateway Height Adjustable Media Wall Tables provide an adaptive platform that incorporate an upholstered screen for space division, auditory and visual privacy and multi-media connectivity.

The work surface can easily move from sitting to standing position with a push of a button while the multi-media monitor moves in sync with the work surface so it is always at the right height for viewers.

Adjustable Media Wall Tables can be adapted for open plan working environments, touchdown spaces, meeting tables and break out areas alike.