Ethnicraft and Notre Monde Announce Merger

Ethnicraft and Notre Monde have announced a merger that integrates all Notre Monde products into an expansive Ethnicraft portfolio of furniture, accessories, and home furnishings.

Ethnicraft Urban Geometry Tray Collection
Ethnicraft Oak Blackbird Rack Lifestyle

For over twenty years, the Belgian furniture brand Ethnicraft has specialized in contemporary and timeless wooden furniture. Notre Monde, originally established in 1997, was first acquired by Ethnicraft in 2013.

The partnership widened Notre Monde’s reach in the global marketplace and brought opportunities to create exclusive designs for international retail partners. It expanded the Ethnicraft Group’s offerings beyond wooden furniture into accessories and occasional furniture.

“The Ethnicraft community consists of atmosphere seekers who want to live in an environment that is personal and conveys warmth and emotion. Not by one particular style, but by creating their own unique style,” says Benoit Loos, CEO of Ethnicraft. “The Ethnicraft and Notre Monde designs target the same atmosphere seekers and therefore, we are excited to announce the merging of both brands. We will now be one brand, telling one story.”