Kastella Launches the Cove Collection by Jason Burhop

Montréal-based hardwood furniture manufacturer, Kastella, has launched the Cove Collection, designed by founder Jason Burhop.

T113 table & C205 chairs shown in American Black Walnut Photo credit: Adam Stein

Burhop is known for simple understated furniture—functional pieces that come to life through the beauty of the wood and the details inherent in the design.

The Cove Collection’s latest table and bench, originally inspired by a simple, curved form, became the designer’s most technically challenging project.

“The junction of the flared apron and the rounded legs pushed our woodworking team to maintain the original design direction while ensuring the integrity of the structure,” said Burhop.

The table and bench were designed with a solid wood top and a subtle cove detail on all four sides and an inset apron that curves into the legs. T113 table was purposely designed with the legs at the far corners, creating ample seating room.

The T113 dining table and C112 bench, the debut pieces in the Cove Collection will be on display at Toronto’s Interior Design Show (IDS), January 16th-19th, 2020.