The New Neolith

Spanish-based sintered stone company introduces new technology, colour and finish options to its versatile product line.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Barcelona and Castellón, you’ll be surprised to discover Neolith on virtually every surface    the exterior façade of a boutique hotel, the counters at a world-renowned culinary university, the flooring at a posh restaurant, the tabletops at a local café… All over Spain (and internationally too), Neolith makes an appearance, demonstrating the versatility of its products and its widespread industry appeal.

Founded in 2009, Neolith’s specialty is a unique sintered stone product man-made using 100% natural elements and oxides, including minerals from granite, glass and silica. Sourced from South Africa, Brazil and Angora, these raw elements are mixed with different materials, colours and decoration during the production process, which includes pressing, rectifying, drying, sintering and printing. The result is a non-porous composition suitable for interior and exterior applications. What’s more, Neolith’s surfaces are resin-free and resistant to just about everything, from scratches and extreme temperatures to high pressure, bacteria and chemicals.

 Because of its versatility and easy manageability, Neolith has become a popular option amongst interior designers and architects – and this year, the brand brings three new options to the surface market.

Full-Body Veining Technology

The result of seven years of intense research and development, Neolith’s newest technology extends the appearance of veining beyond the surface to the edges of a slab, replicating the aesthetic of genuine marble. Carlos García, Head of Product Design at Neolith, commented that the “new Full Body Veining Technology is a significant step in the brand’s design evolution and means a new generation of Neolith models will soon be released. Where before the veining stopped at the edges of the slabs, they now continue throughout the material, giving a more authentic appearance.”

 The Full Body Veining Technology is available in the brand’s 1/2” and 3⁄4” thickness models.

Calacatta Luxe

Inspired by the award-winning patterns of Neolith’s Classtone collection, Calacatta Luxe is a combination of golden-amber and dark gray veining, akin to a Tiger’s eye Gemstone, splashed across a classic light gray and white background.

 Also new in 2020 is a matte finish that resembles the texture of natural stone. “Ultrasoft” joins the full range of Neolith finishes, which also includes Satin, Silk, Riverwashed, Natural Honed, Décor and Nanotech Polished.

Neolith’s full line of product offerings can be found at