DesignTO Highlights

Since 2011, DesignTO has been bringing communities together to celebrate design, by taking art and design out of the studio and into the urban realm. Featuring the work of hundreds of designers each year, the Festival showcases locally made furniture, lighting, products, graphic and experiential design, interiors and architecture, accessories, ceramics, and more.

DesignTO kicked off the festival’s 10th anniversary on January 17th with the ‘DesignTO Launch Party’ at the historic Berkeley Church.

DesignTO’s 10th year saw over 100 events, exhibitions, and installation across the city of Toronto. Here is a sampling.

Design to Play

Future Breathing Store 2038

DesignTO Talks: Anony & Castor

DesignTO Talks: Anony & Castor (Photo credit: Joseph Stewart)


Meditation in Concrete II

Meditation in Concrete II (Photo credit: Hannah Nguyen)

Penny Vine & Daydream Stool

Sylvia Lee, glass designer and Creative Director of Jeff Goodman Studio launched her first lighting product during DesignTO 2020. Titled the Penny Vine, it’s a luminescent wall lighting system inspired by the humble copper penny and a silver coin vine, a favourite succulent houseplant. Joining the light was the Daydream Stool, an illuminated sculptural seat hand carved from Temple Glass, a cast glass product developed by her studio.

Light is Magnetic

ergoCentric hosted light artist Tonya Hart’s exhibition featured the theme “Light is Magnetic”, showcasing works that animated magnetic fields and explored alternate geometries in a solid, static state.

Mjölk 10 Year Anniversary

New Auction: Thrush Homes