Allseating’s Task Chair Features New Enhancements for the Modern Office

Allseating has launched enhancements to one of its most in-demand products, Levo, a task chair designed for ergonomic support that suits the needs of the modern office.

Photo courtesy of Allseating

In partnership with Gabriel, a Denmark-based provider of furniture fabrics, Allseating now offers Levo in ten new mesh options, including five neutral and five vibrant colours.

Inspired by the Latin word ‘levis’, meaning to raise or lift, Levo’s proprietary hands-on back mechanism promotes active sitting by allowing the mesh to bow and provide precise support to where the user needs as they lean back or sit up.

Photo courtesy of Allseating

The mesh enhancements feature an elastomer that adds more flexibility to the chair, allowing for less strain and stronger material recovery after being stretched out.

“Levo has been part of the Allseating portfolio for many years, and as a fan-favourite we wanted to give specifiers even more options to choose from to best suit their needs,” says Gary Neil, CEO of Allseating. “At Allseating we pride ourselves on being progressive – just because a product is successful does not mean that its development should stop there. We are constantly pushing our products to the next level, to provide our clients with more features and/or price points.”

Providing a more affordable option that dynamically adapts to the user’s movements, Levo’s thoughtful design and enhancements help reduce discomfort for employees.

Beyond back support, the arms of the chair are designed to tilt inward to provide additional forearm support at six height intervals. Previously only available in two frame options, Black and Smoke, Levo is now available in a lighter grey color called Birch.