Luum Textiles Unveils Second Sight Collection

Luum Textiles released a new collection of four upholstery textiles with a focus on responsible fabrics such as wool, silicone and recycled polyester. Second Sight by Suzanne Tick visualizes optimism through its Construct, Flex Wool, Vector and Top Coat materials.

Photo courtesy of Luum Textiles

“As we enter a new decade, opportunities and ideas emerge, encouraging new ways of seeing. With clarity of intent, Second Sight celebrates the possibilities of design processes that advance environmental thought, sparking a return to purity of raw materials,” said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Luum Textiles. “Through this interplay of sustainable materials, joyful colour and architectural motifs new possibilities are created, crystallizing the user experience with a revived energy and outlook for the future.”

Construct. Photo courtesy of Luum Textiles.

A celebration of raw materials, Construct is a vehicle for colour that lends a new lease on design with a wide range of tinted neutrals, rich mainstays and saturated bright hues that are simple, and playful.  The wool fiber’s worsted quality has an inherent subtle luster and smooth hand, while the nylon content enhances the intrinsic performance of wool.

Flex Wool. Photo courtesy of Luum Textiles.

Flex Wool is a versatile plain-weave textile that embodies a blend of age-old manufacturing techniques and new design processes. An indirect coordinate of Elastic Wool, Flex Wool’s larger and more textural weave structure is derived from a wool and nylon blend mixed with cationic polyester and elastane, providing a contrasted and vibrant colour palette.

Vector. Photo courtesy of Luum Textiles.

Vector borrows its striking rhythmic, multi-colour pattern from contemporary architecture facades, evoking spatial perspectives and the digital realm. The slender but strong small-scale geometric pattern activates the surface, while colour transitions create depth and an undulating effect. Vector is bleach cleanable, making it suitable for corporate and hospitality areas. It brings lively graphic colour to the built environment.

Top Coat. Photo courtesy of Luum Textiles.

Engineered with the environment at heart, both built and natural, Top Coat is a performance faux leather made from 100 per cent silicone. Without the presence of additives, silicone inherently rejects microbiological growth, making it widely applicable in corporate, education, healthcare and hospitality settings. In addition, Top Coat has exceptional upholsterability and subtle texture with a colour palette range that encompasses deep colours, synthetic brights and evocative neutrals. PVC-free silicone supports indoor air quality.

“Luum is committed to elevating the age-old craft of weaving by incorporating new technologies for the commercial market and, in the process, setting a new standard in textile design,” said Dave White, Vice President of Luum Textiles. “Second Sight embodies our belief that when aesthetics, performance and environmental responsibility are combined with intention, textiles can elevate the role of the design process, transforming interior environments.”