Fantini and Burundi: A Water Success Story

Created in 1978, Fantini’s I Balocchi collection with its unique POP shape and colourful options continues to grab attention to be a success on the market. But there is more to this collection than just being beautifully designed. Since 2012, every I Balocchi sold has benefitted 100 Fontane: Fantini for Africa, the project aimed to provide clean and accessible drinking water to the people of Masango, Burundi.

One of the poorest nations in the world, only 67% of the people of Burundi have access to clean water, leading to many illnesses and even deaths amongst the population. Water being at the centre of everything for Fantini, the 100 Fontane: Fantini for Africa program was developed in 2012, with a goal to build an aqueduct and 100 water outlets over 10 kilometers in Masango, that were within walking distance (no longer than 10 minutes) from the houses of the children in charge of daily water procurement.

Just two years after launching 100 Fontane, Fantini was able to surpass their goal, and build 130 aqueducts, providing water to around 25,000 people in Masango.

Today, Fantini continues to work with the community and has most recently helped complete the new building for the Sisters of the Masango Mission and were also involved in the construction of a primary school in the capital Bujumbura.