Ceramics of Italy Supply Chain Continues Following Travel Restrictions

Following the recent travel restrictions decreed by Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Ceramics Manufacturers wishes to ensure its partners around the world that its supply chain is not affected, and production is continuing in order to meet market demand.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Goods may enter and exit the areas mentioned in today’s decree. Transporting goods is considered as a well-grounded, work-related reason for movement: carriers may therefore enter and exit as well as move within the affected areas but only for delivery and/or collection purposes.”

The new restrictions imposed by the Italian government do not affect production activities and there are no travel restrictions on vehicles being used to transport goods into and out of Italy. It is a difficult and unprecedented moment in history, but the Italian tile industry is closely monitoring the situation, while moving forward to keep production and shipments on schedule. For Ceramics of Italy, that means the tile factories are open and companies are still producing their current and new collections.

To show support for its Italian colleagues and create a platform for inspiration, support and solidarity, the design industry is rallying behind a new social media campaign #OneWithItaly.