Heimtextil: Kunterbunt @ 50

Kunterbunt, German for “a riotous profusion of colour,” was an understated way of describing this year’s 50th edition of Heimtextil. Hot pinks, bright purples, mint greens and dizzying multi-colour digital prints were on display, but there was also the subtler ongoing push towards geometric, Art Deco-inspired patterns found throughout the world’s biggest textile trade show, delivering a vibrant and exciting snapshot of the current textile and wallpaper industry.

Falling Cube | BN Walls

This seemingly three-dimensional wallpaper, part of the Cubiq collection, creates a unique spatial effect with colourful graphic and shadow effects to enhance the atmosphere of any space through a decorative play with colour and patterns.

Nagano | Command Wallcovering

The undisturbed natural beauty of Nagano Prefecture, in the center of Japan’s Honshu island, was the inspiration for this wallpaper. Simulating the patterns of natural materials, subtle colour and texture variation in the manufacturing process add a warm and rich touch to the overall composition of this product

Symmetry | Newmor

Making a bold statement with both colour and shape, this wallpaper collection is inspired by Arabic damask silk print and fabric weaving styles. In addition, its versatility means it can be re-scaled and re-coloured to suit any spatial requirement.

Seraya | Omexco

Colourful woven bakbak (the stalk coverings of a banana-type plant known as abaca), combined with natural strips of sari silk, make this wallcovering a true standout. Produced from recycled textiles and radiating an organic feel, each metre is unique, since the colours of the silk alternate without ever being repeated, imbuing it with a sophisticated and contemporary look.

Marble Stone 91299-37 | B&B Fabrics

This marble-inspired indoor fabric in rich green and gold infused colours appears different depending on the ambient lighting. The serpentine green lends the 100 per cent cotton fabric an organic richness and a dramatic feel, with the infused gold veins adding an elegant touch.

Ipanema Pink | Arthouse

Combining a textured snakeskin design with raised gloss effects, subtle diamond patterns and a hot pink colour ensures this wallpaper makes a statement. For the less adventurous customer, the same design is also available in more understated colours.

Happy Pillow | Agrupe UAB

Lithuanian printmaker Aida Matuseviciute claims this eye-catching fabric’s inspiration was the happy folks of her home country, although clearly some cues from the sketches of Picasso have leaked their way into her design process.

Christo | Khrôma Masureel

Part of the Folies collection, which draws its name from the famous Parisian cabaret music hall Folies Bergère, this wallpaper line combines a joie de vivre of art deco elegance, modernism and luxury with Bauhaus inspired lines of rich colours and natural sophistication, making it perfect as an accent wall in any space.

Bits Collection Graphite Yellow | Bliss Fabrics

This outdoor fabric’s striking contemporary design incorporates digitally inspired patterns and shapes with vivid colours to achieve a multi-dimensional yet uniquely simple pattern where shapes and colour bleed into one another.

Shibuya | Cristina Orozco Cuevas

Tokyo’s two Shibuya-ku railway stations, which are some the busiest places on earth, created the setting for this busy and colourful textile design by Mexico City-based Cristina Orozco Cuevas. Overlapping and merging circular pattern in various colours creates an intriguing three-dimensional composition.

Terrazzo Blue | Graham & Brown

Terrazzo scatter pattern in cobalt blue as a wallpaper might seem unusual, but this unique design by Wayne Hemingway manages to create two atmospheres: a terrazzo finish from up close; and intriguing graphic geometric perception when viewed from a distance.

Rumba Magenta | Bill Beaumont

Taking inspiration from Rio’s colour and energy, the mixed embroidered and printed Rumba collection for curtains and blinds infuses some fun into the home with its invigorating pattern and the vast choice of colours.